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SHE Collective

SHE Collective

A 4-month journey to connect with, trust and embrace yourself, your feminine energy and your intuition, to create and attract the life you desire with ease.

Currently closed - reopening Dec 2021, commencing Feb 2022

SHE is you, and you are SHE

SHE will reopen in 2022, to be notified when SHE does, join the Waitlist below


Hi beautiful, I'm Sally

I used to work so hard trying and make my life work. Trying to make life flow and feel easy.

I desperately desired a life where I was deeply fulfilled and stress-free, living my deepest purpose, tapped into my sensual pleasure, surrounded by soul sisters and loving family. Dreamy right?!

After striving, forcing and wishing for it all continued to fail me, I realised I had to take a drastically different approach of prioritising myself, self-care and my pleasure.

Little did I know all those years ago that my pivot and new way of being was the journey of embracing my feminine and relaxing my reliance (and self protection) on my masculine energy.

When I connected to myself, my body, my desires, my intuition ~ all of which is feminine, I was able to attract people and opportunities, and create the life I dreamed of with utter ease and deep joy! My dreams came true. 

I've worked in Women's Empowerment as a Mentor for 15 years and today I guide and empower women - like you - to connect and reconnect with their innate feminine energy and harness the superpower that is within each of us!

SHE is an intimate mentoring and embodiment journey alongside like-minded sisters, into the energy and embodiment of your feminine.

It would be my honour to take you on this journey of feminine embodiment and self-discovery to invite this energy and connection into your life and relationships.

SHE is within YOU

SHE is within YOU
  • She is intuitive
    Living and leading from her heart, her body, her gut, her womb, her intuitive capacity that she holds. She trusts herself deeply and self doubt dissolves.
  • She is expressive
    Feeling all of her emotions without fearing, shaming or suppressing them allows the feminine to feel free and to be her truest self, no longer needing masks for protection.
  • She is self honoring
    Her energy, love and time is valued and she is discerning with who she shares it with. She is generous — not at her own expense — she knows and honours her boundaries and others do too.
  • She is pleasure filled
    Pleasure is feminine energy. Feeling connected to her body and her own pleasure, she is no longer uninspired and deflated, she is energised and excited by every little taste of life.
  • She is receptive
    Open is her nature. The protective habits of shutting down, disassociating and closing her heart are released. Her open heart and energy allows her to receive all she chooses.
  • She is cyclic
    Deeply connected with nature’s seasons she is connected to her body’s seasons and practices sacred self-care to nourish her energy and her beautiful body she adores.
  • She is magnetic
    Her energy and frequency attracts what is meant for her, right to her. Hustling, grasping and people pleasing become redundant when she magnetises her desires to her. 


SHE is for women desiring:

SHE is for women desiring:
  • To relax the over reliance of your masculine and invite in the flow and ease of your feminine

  • Cultivate strong intuition and ability to confidently express and honour your emotions and desires

  • Develop unwavering self love, worth and confidence within yourself, your decisions and your life

  • Create deep and lasting connection with yourself, friendships and with partners

  • Be open and receptive to manifest your dreams and live in your pleasure
SHE is for women desiring:
SHE Collective includes

SHE Collective includes

SHE Collective includes
  • A 4-month SHE journey alongside like-minded sisters 

  • 6 x in-depth Video Teaching Modules

  • 8 x Group Mentoring and Embodiment Practice Calls

  • 2 x 1:1 (1-hour) Mentoring Sessions with Sally

  • An active community of SHE sisters in our Private Facebook Group
  • Surprise (beautiful) gift sent in the mail to support your SHE journey

Words on SHE, from Shannon

"I'm embodying and honouring my feminine energy..."

The Foundations of SHE



Welcome and harness your feminine superpowers and activate your pleasure receptors



Learn the language of your intuition and cyclical nature to make decisions with ease and trust



Master healthy boundaries and amplify your magnetic energy to attract your dreams and desires

Book a Connection Call to explore SHE with Sally


How long is SHE Collective?

SHE Collective is a 4-month LIVE Group Mentoring and Embodiment journey with Video Modules and Live Group Calls with Embodiment Practices.

When does SHE start?

The next Round of SHE will begin September 7th.

What is included in SHE?

You will receive 6 bi-weekly Video Modules on the foundations of feminine embodiment.
8 bi-weekly Group Mentoring and Embodiment Calls.
2 x 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Sally 
Access to the Private SHE Collective Facebook Group

Does SHE focus on specific topics?

SHE Collective explores the 3 foundations to Feminine Energy and Embodiment

S - Surrender (energy and pleasure)
H - Honour (intuition and menstruation)
E - Expression (boundaries and magnetism)

SHE takes you on a journey deep into these foundations with trainings, mentoring, practices and more to deeply embody the principles of SHE.

Do you offer payment plans for SHE?

Absolutely! You have the option to make upfront payment or 5 x monthly payments.

Do you issue refunds?

All sales are full and final and refunds are unable to be issued.

What if I can't make the live calls?

All Calls will be recorded and uploaded to the Program Portal for you to catch up on in your own time, so you'll never miss a minute!

That said, it's recommended to join as many of the live calls as possible so you can connect with your fellow sisters!

Words on SHE, from Neha

"I was able to embody [the learnings] throughout my life"

More Testimonials


This 8 week journey has changed my life in so many more, I see, do and feel multiple changes within myself on a daily basis. I catch myself out in my head and challenge my inner mean girl daily. I now feel empowered, and finally believe in myself to do what I was meant to on this earth.
I'm learning to trust myself, to believe in myself, and let go of all the self sabotage and limiting beliefs.
I now have the tools in my tool kit to open up and start living my true nature and purpose on earth. I have it all right here and now.


Sally helped me to understand that my worth lies in being, and not doing. We worked through how to recognise my truth in decision making, and I am stepping forward in total alignment with what gets me excited and passionate! I am very grateful!

I feel empowered and I love myself! I really enjoy the small pleasures in the everyday! I love and value ME time and time in my feminine energy.
The biggest shift is I now process and move my emotional energy through my body rather than holding everything in. I now know and understand how to nourish myself mentally and emotionally. 

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