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Step into your Power and live on your terms
Awaken your Pleasure to thrive in life
Live your true Purpose with ease and joy
Connect with Sisterhood and be supported

(Currently Closed for enrolment - Round 2 in process)

Ask Yourself Beautiful...

Ask Yourself Beautiful...
  • Are you overwhelmed by the voice in your head questioning almost everything you say, do, think and feel?
  • Do you want to mute your inner critic and turn up your inner best friend?
  • Are you tired of feeling scared you'll make a wrong decision and mess up some how?
  • Do you find yourself explaining yourself to others and longing to be understood? 
  • Are you ready to shift this and reclaim your inner power and live life on your terms?

Hi beautiful, I'm Sally, your newest and biggest cheerleader!

I used to be the person working so hard trying and make my life work. Trying to make life flow and feel easy.

I desperately desired a life where I woke up naturally with the sun, no alarm needed, I was deeply fulfilled in my stress free days, living my deepest purpose, tapped into my sensual pleasure, surrounded by soul sisters and loving family, all while knowing I am completely supported by the Universe. Dreamy right?!

All of my striving, forcing and wishing for it all failed me. One day, after a life and death incident, I realised I had to take a drastically different approach of prioritising myself. From that day it all fell into place!

It wasn't until I took full ownership my life, my circumstances, my choices, my past, and my intuitive feminine power and pleasure, that I was able to create that exact life I dreamed, Which is the life I live today.

Working in Women's Development and Empowerment as a Mentor and Coach for almost 15 years has given me the practices and principles to create a life of pleasure, flow and trust.

I'm confident in who I am. I live in alignment with my values and purpose. I stand strong in my decisions.

Today, I guide and empower women like you to live your dream days and life. Let's do it!

Become empowHERed

Become empowHERed
  • Confidently and unapologetically become the leader of your life
  • Powerfully speak your truth without feeling the need to explain or justify yourself
  • Become crystal clear on your true purpose in a way that completely lights you up
  • Embody and connect to your deepest, most authentic pleasure to become magnetic
  • Believe in yourself, your decisions and what the values that matter to you
  • Unleash your feminine power and energy and deepen your intimate relationships
Become empowHERed

Team empowHER


Masterclass from Women's Empowerment Coach and Mentor Sally Jane Douglas on Pleasure


Masterclass from Best Selling Author and Speaker Megan Dalla-Camina and Sally on the Power of Presence


Masterclass from Soul Sister Circle Founder, Coach, Bec Van Leeuwen and Sally on True Purpose


Masterclass from Best Selling Author and Podcaster Melissa Ambrosini and Sally on Feminine Power


empowHER sistHERhood Facebook Group next level sisterhood support you always Dreamed

LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Sally to dive into and be coached on each Masterclass Pillar 

empowHER is For You IF...

You want to be surrounded in sisterhood and mentored by powerhouse women

You want to step into your power and live your truth and your purpose

You want to begin or deepen your self exploration journey

You want to reconnect to your feminine energy

You're ready to silence your inner critic once and for all

You're ready to move yourself up on the priorities list and stay there

You're ready to release people pleasing and start living life on your terms

empowHER is currently CLOSED Expression of Interest OPEN

Weekly & Monthly Payment Plans available

empowHER 8-week Group Mentoring Program 
8-week online group journey with a sacred sistHERhood

empowHER ELEVATED Experience and Mentoring Program 
Take your empowHER experience to the next level with 2 x personal 1-hour mentoring sessions with Sally included to receive 1:1 support during the 8-week Online Group Program



This 8 week journey has changed my life in so many more, I see, do and feel multiple changes within myself on a daily basis. I catch myself out in my head and challenge my inner mean girl daily. I now feel empowered, and finally believe in myself to do what I was meant to on this earth.
I'm learning to trust myself, to believe in myself, and let go of all the self sabotage and limiting beliefs.
I now have the tools in my tool kit to open up and start living my true nature and purpose on earth. I have it all right here and now.


I feel empowered, connected, excited and blessed! I've finally learnt how to be kinder with myself. To almost talk to myself as if I was talking to my inner child to show compassion and understanding. I now truly live in each and every moment and I know what my purpose is!

I feel empowered and I love myself! I really enjoy the small pleasures in the everyday! I love and value ME time and time in my feminine energy.
The biggest shift is I now process and move my emotional energy through my body rather than holding everything in. I now know and understand how to nourish myself mentally. 


How long is empowHER?

empowHER is an 8-week LIVE Group Program with EPiC Masterclasses and Live Group Coaching Calls.

When does empowHER start?

Round 2 empowHER journey is currently in process. Round 3 dates will be announced soon!

What is included in empowHER?

You will receive 4 bi-weekly Masterclasses with leading female experts
4 bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls with Sally
4 PDF Playbooks (no work, all play!) on each PowHER Pillar to support your learning and practice
Access to our Private empowHER sistHERhood Facebook Group

Does empowHER focus on specific topics?

empowHER is designed around 4 Power Pillars which will be the focus of our Masterclasses and Coaching Calls:
Pleasure - reconnect to yourself and embody your pleasure to become magnetic
Presence - master mindful living to no longer miss the magic of life that ticks by each day
Purpose - become crystal clear on your purpose and how to confidently live your life in full alignment
Power - step confidently into your full power to live life fearlessly and unapologetically on your terms

Do you offer payment plans for empowHER?

Absolutely! You have the option to make upfront, monthly or weekly payments.

What if I can't make the LIVE Masterclass and Coaching Calls?

I've got you sister, all Masterclasses and Coaching Calls will be recorded and uploaded to empowHER Membership Site for you to access at your convenience.


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