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The Empowered Woman

The Empowered Woman

Awaken your Power
Activate your Pleasure 
Cultivate your Presence 
Claim your Purpose

Your Self-Paced, Self-Empowerment, Self-Study Online Program

You're Invited to EmpowHER At Home Program

My most popular signature program has become accessible to all women in every time zone! Be guided by Sally at your own pace in empowHER self study program


I'll see you on the inside beautiful...


What are you waiting for, beautiful?

Ask Yourself Beautiful...

Ask Yourself Beautiful...
  • Does your inner critic question you a little too much?
  • Does your mean girl hold you back from living your dreams?
  • Do you suppress yourself and bite your tongue just to keep the peace?
  • Do you want to stop explaining yourself and your decisions to others? 
  • Are you ready to trust in your intuition and your every life choice?
  • Are you ready to stand for your boundaries and decisions?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, empowHER is for you

Become empowHERed with me

Become empowHERed with me


  • Embody your most authentic and confident self 
  • Confidently and unapologetically be the leader of your life
  • Believe in yourself, your decisions, and what truly matters to you
  • Speak your truth without feeling the need to explain or justify yourself
  • Become crystal clear on your purpose that completely lights you up
  • Embody your feminine power and energy with deep self trust
  • Strengthen and deepen your most intimate relationships
Become empowHERed with me

Hi beautiful, I'm Sally, your newest and biggest cheerleader!

I used to try to make my life work. 
Continuously trying to make life flow and feel easy.

I desperately desired a life where I woke up naturally with the sun, no alarm needed, I was deeply fulfilled in my stress-free days, living my deepest purpose, tapped into my sensual pleasure, surrounded by soul sisters and a committed partnership, all while knowing I am completely supported by the Universe. Dreamy right?!

All of my striving, forcing and wishing failed me.

It wasn't until I took full ownership my life, my circumstances, my choices, my past, and my feminine power and pleasure, that I was able to create that exact life I dreamed and I live today.

Working in Women's Development and Empowerment as a Mentor and Coach for almost 15 years has given me the practices and principles to create a life of pleasure, self belief and trust.

I'm confident in who I am.
I live in alignment with my values and purpose.
I stand boldly in my decisions.

I created empowHER to guide women like you to live with the same confidence, alignment and purpose.

It's time to step into your power and to live in your truth to create the life you dream of!

empowHER includes

empowHER includes

empowHER includes
  • 4 x Masterclasses by leading female experts (pre-recorded)
    • Sally Jane Douglas (that's me!)
    • Melissa Ambrosini
    • Megan Dalla-Camina
    • Rebecca Van Leeuwen
  • 4 x Coaching and Support Sessions with Sally (pre-recorded)
    • addressing the most common questions, challenges and resistances relating to each Pillar
  • 4 x PDF Playbooks (no work, all play!) on each PowHER Pillar
    • these Playbooks deeply support your learning, integration and practice of each Pillar

Are you ready to join empowHER sister?

empowHER: the empowered woman

Self empowerment, self paced, self study

US$297 empowHER Program

US$149 x 2 monthly Payment Plan

US$347 empowHER Bundle
Get empowHER Self Study AND The 3-Part Masterclass Collection: The Empowered Woman (VALUED at US$444)

empowHER Testimonials


Sally has developed the most precious program. You helped me recalibrate and reconnect with myself. I feel so powerful and connected to my purpose now.

Thank you for believing in me, while I learned to believe in my greatest leader, “myself”.

I'm learning to trust myself, to believe in myself, and let go of all the self sabotage and limiting beliefs.
I now have the tools in my tool kit to open up and start living my true nature and purpose on earth. I have it all right here and now.


EmpowHER shifted my mindset completely!

I'm much more positive, I'm more in control of my life and I am finally feeling like I care less of what others think!

For anyone lacking self worth, confidence and just feels is a little lost, empowHER is for you!

EmpowHER has been one of the most incredible investments I have made in myself, the ah-has, guidance and connection to a sisterhood is truly soul changing.
The shifts I have experienced have blown my mind - from a feeling of defeat to a feeling of trust.

Team empowHER


Masterclass from Women's Empowerment Coach and Mentor Sally Jane Douglas on Pleasure


Masterclass from Best Selling Author and Speaker Megan Dalla-Camina on the Power of Presence


Masterclass from Soul Sister Circle Founder, Coach, Bec Van Leeuwen on your True Purpose


Masterclass from Best Selling Author and Podcaster Melissa Ambrosini on Feminine Power


empowHER sistHERhood Play Pages not workbooks, empowHER is creating in Pleasure and Play


Recorded Support Sessions with Sally to support you to get the most out of each Masterclass 

empowHER is For You IF...

You're ready to step into your power and live your truth 

You're ready to deepen your self exploration journey

You're ready to reconnect with your feminine energy

You're ready to silence your inner critic once and for all

You're ready to move yourself up on the priorities list

You're ready to embrace the beauty of yourself and your life

You're ready to quit people pleasing and live life on your terms

Testimonial from empowHER sister Alana

"empowHER was my permission slip"

Step into your powHER

Step into your powHER

Step into your powHER


  • It's time to start truly loving yourself in every way
  • It's time to decide you're worthy of your every desire
  • It's time to step into the highest version of yourself
  • It's time to live and love every single day of your life
  • It's time to wholeheartedly believe in yourself 
  • It's time to live your purpose and follow your passions
  • It's time to put yourself first once and for all
  • It's time to drop the excuses and CHOOSE YOU!
  • It's time to be authentically yourself, always in all ways

Now is your time to join empowHER

Testimonial from empowHER sister Erin

"empowHER has changed my life"

More Testimonials


This 8 week journey has changed my life in so many more, I see, do and feel multiple changes within myself on a daily basis. I catch myself out in my head and challenge my inner mean girl daily. I now feel empowered, and finally believe in myself to do what I was meant to on this earth.
I'm learning to trust myself, to believe in myself, and let go of all the self sabotage and limiting beliefs.
I now have the tools in my tool kit to open up and start living my true nature and purpose on earth. I have it all right here and now.


I feel empowered, connected, excited and blessed! I've finally learnt how to be kinder with myself. To almost talk to myself as if I was talking to my inner child to show compassion and understanding. I now truly live in each and every moment and I know what my purpose is!


I joined empowHER because I was looking into the program for my sister, I didn't even think about how I felt. Looking back now I feel like I was on autopilot and wasn't really thinking or feeling at all.
The program helped me understand the importance of this life, of slowing down, enjoying the little things and really feeling into the true me and making me comfortable with who I am.
I am so so thankful for this program and everything you have created Sally.


I’ve been embodying more and more of true self over the past 39 years,
and guiding women like you to embody their truest selves.

My becoming didn’t happen overnight, and neither will yours sister...

Every day I choose to be guided by my authenticity and my truth.

My values are the core of my personality and every decision I make.

My self determination is born from my belief that I deserve it all.

My self belief is reborn each time I fall over and get back up.

My self expression deepens every time I embrace the truth of my heart.

My self worth is unlevelled each time I respect and uphold my boundaries.

My self trust strengthens every time I follow my intuitive guidance.

My self respect is the result of honouring myself, always in all ways.

My self empowerment is the combination of all of the above.

Becoming our true self starts when we choose ourselves and choose to explore,
embrace and empower ourselves.

I look forward to guiding you to embody more of your true self, too.

empowHER: the empowered woman

Self empowerment, self paced, self study

US$297 empowHER Program

US$149 x 2 monthly Payment Plan

US$347 empowHER Bundle
Get empowHER Self Study AND The 3-Part Masterclass Collection: The Empowered Woman (VALUED at US$444)


How long is empowHER Program?

empowHER is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, with weekly Classes and Coaching to guide you on your self empowHERment journey.

You can complete empowHER at any pace that feels most supportive to you.

And you can revisit the teachings as many times as you need as you have access to the program for life!

When does empowHER start?

empowHER is a self paced, self study program.

When you purchase the program you will get immediate access!


What is included in empowHER?

empowHER includes:
~ 4 Masterclasses by leading female experts (pre-recorded)
~ 4 Coaching and Support Calls with Sally (pre-recorded)
~ 4 PDF Playbooks (no work, all play!) on each PowHER Pillar to support your learning and practice

Does empowHER focus on specific topics?

empowHER is designed around 4 empowHERment Pillars:

Pleasure - reconnect to yourself and embody your pleasure to become magnetic
Presence - master mindful living to no longer miss the magic of life that ticks by each day
Purpose - become crystal clear on your purpose and how to confidently live your life in full alignment
Power - step confidently into your full power to live life fearlessly and unapologetically on your terms

These Pillars set the foundation for your Self-EmpowHERment.

Do you offer payment plans for empowHER?

Absolutely! You have the option to make two monthly payments or one full payment.

Do you issue refunds?

All sales are full and final and refunds are unable to be issued.


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