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The Pleasure

State Experience

State Experience

The Pleasure State Experience is your gateway to connect with your sensuality and to unlock your pleasure...


Your Pleasure State awaits you...

take me there

The Power of Pleasure...

The Power of Pleasure...
  • Pleasure increases your ability to cope with life's daily stressors
  • Pleasure supports the nervous system to relax and be calm
  • Pleasure in your daily life increases pleasure in your sex life! 
  • Pleasure is our purpose - the human body is wired for it
  • Pleasure improves our tolerance for pain and discomfort
  • Pleasure boosts our immune system (I have not been sick in 3 years!)
  • Pleasure makes you happier and more fun to be around!

Activate your Pleasure State to...

Activate your Pleasure State to...
  • Experience a new found energy that is irresistible to others
  • Become magnetic to your lover, desires and your dreams
  • Injoy your day-to-day life SO much more
  • Feel deeply connected to your body and sensuality
  • Be more open to your lover, children, friends and life itself
  • Fall in love with your body, exactly how it is right now
Activate your Pleasure State to...

Ready to access your Pleasure State?

What you receive...

What you receive...

What you receive...
  • 5 x Pleasure Video Modules by Sally
    • The Pleasure State Experience
    • Pleasure Principles
    • Prioritising your Pleasure
    • The Power of Pleasure
    • The Key to Sexual Pleasure
  • '7-Days of Pleasure' At-Home Video Experience, guided by Sally
  • Sally's Signature Dance Tutorial to activate your pleasure immediately
  • 5 x Pleasure Journal PDF Playbooks 
  • Lifetime access to The Pleasure State Experience

Experience your Pleasure State

At home, self paced, guided Pleasure Experience

 AU$222 inc. GST

The Pleasure State Experience is For You IF...

You're ready to deepen your self exploration journey

You're ready to reconnect with your feminine energy

You're curious to explore your sensuality and even your sexuality

You want to feel juiced up and turned on in all areas of your life

You desire to feel confident in your body, sexuality and intimacy

You desire to experience more pleasure in the bedroom

You want to live in your pleasure state every single day

Enter: Your Pleasure State

Receive lifetime access and lifetime pleasure

Awakening my pleasure and my sensuality unlocked my zest and joy of lifes daily pleasures every-single day.

Igniting my pleasure and my sexuality opened the door to embodying my sexuality like I had never known before.

Pleasure is the gateway to living our deepest truth and desires - and being in absolute alignment with your true nature.



Sally delivers ten fold and more! Sally pours out so many juicy, golden nuggets that are ESSENTIAL for creating your dream life with flow and ease. 

I was left feeling immensely inspired to implement her simple action steps!


Sally’s intuitive way of sharing wisdom and inner knowledge resonates with me SO much. 

Sally has a way of making everything simple, relatable and inspiring with ways to start embodying it straight away into your life.


Sally's Masterclass was so essential. These past two years we've been truly challenged by everything happening in the world.

This masterclass was so helpful in reminding me to come back to myself and to be kind, gentle and loving towards myself.


3 years ago I set myself an intention to live in my pleasure for 108 days

You can see a little about this on Instagram under #108DaysOfPleasure

This experience changed my life.

While I have always been a happy and light hearted woman

I wouldn't have said I was living my pleasure every day.

I didn't even really knew what that meant.

When I first experienced my pleasure state it was in a retreat in India.

I was learning to dance... lap dance, sensual dance, strip tease, the lot.

I had no idea the feelings I could experience with myself through dance.

Dance has since become an almost daily ritual for myself.

Being in my body is a daily practice.

Living in my sensuality is my way of being.

Through my 108 Days of Pleasure I became more embodied, more confident, more connected, more self assured, more self reliant, more receptive to others, more in my feminine energy, more open to my lovers...

The list goes on, and this is what I want you to experience for yourself.

I want your life to open up like mine did.

This is The Pleasure State Experience.

I look forward to guiding you to embody more of your pleasure, beautiful.

Explore Your Pleasure with me

Explore Your Pleasure with me

Explore Your Pleasure with me

As feminine beings, one of our main embodiments is pleasure.

Yet, our pleasure and sensuality has long been repressed and rejected.

It's time to invite it back into your life, into your being, so you can reconnect with yourself, and your true nature.

Experience your Pleasure State

At home, self paced, guided Pleasure Experience

 AU$222 inc. GST


How long is The Pleasure State Experience?

The Pleasure State Experience is designed to explore and experience over 7 days!

Through 5 video modules to set up your practice and 7 daily practice videos you will be gently guided by Sally you into your pleasure and sensuality.

You will benefit most from committing 20-30 minutes a day to this Experience.

When do I get access to The Experience?

Immediately! Once purchase is made you will receive an email to the Pleasure Portal where you will receive lifetime access to The Experience (and your new found pleasure!) and you'll be able to watch back as many times as you desire! 

What is included in The Experience?

The Pleasure State Experience includes:

  • 5 Video Teaching Modules on the Pillars of Pleasure
  • My signature dance tutorial to immediately access your Pleasure State
  • A guided 7-Days of Pleasure Program
  • My Pleasure State Playlists on Spotify
  • 5 Pleasure Playbooks to more deeply explore your pleasure every step of The Experience 
  • PLUS a BONUS Empowered Pleasure Masterclass to heighten and deepen your sexual pleasure

Do you offer a payment plan?

For this Experience, I have kept the investment as low as possible and no payment plan is available.

Do you issue refunds?

All sales are full and final and refunds are unable to be issued.

Be gently guided by Sally, step-by-step to experience your sensuality and pleasure.

Pleasure isn't all about SEX, it's all about LIFE.

If you want to deepen your sexual pleasure, you must start with our relationship with pleasure.

This is why I created The Pleasure State Experience.


Your Pleasure State awaits you...

take me there

I'm a YES to my Pleasure State


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