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2024 Moonstruation Calendar

2024 Moonstruation Calendar

The Moonstruation Calendar is a daily embodiment practice, tracing the journey of your own cyclical nature

What you receive...

Moonstruation Calendar

2024 Moonstruation Calendar for hormone free birth control and to track your cycle, ovulation, energy, libido and symptoms

Cyclical Living Digital Ebook

SHE HER YOU is a 37 page womens guidebook to happy hormones, cylcical eating and easeful cycles  

Mindful Menstruation Masterclass

Learn how to best use the Moonstruation Calendar and how to nourish your hormones for more energy and easier periods

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By attuning with our menstrual cycle each day, alongside the moon cycles, we deepen the connection with ourselves, our body, our energy and our emotions.

In doing so we can easily honour our innate rhythms and needs as they cycle throughout the month.


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