Uniquely YOU Academy is your next empowering step on your self development and self discovery journey.

Experience wholeness within YOU, within sisterhood, and with your sister and mentor, Sally

Self discovery. Sisterhood. Self empowerment. Service.


It's all within YOU

Do you daydream about what it would be like *and how much easier life would be* if you truly trusted and believed in yourself?

Imagine you have the courage to follow your heart, trust your intuition and trust in yourself that you feel undoubtedly confident in exactly who you are and what you offer the world.

So much so, you believe that all you have to offer is so wonderful that anyone would be blessed to have you in their life - as a friend, sister, lover, mother, boss or employee.

Envision yourself embodying this confidence...

You walk into a room, with your head held high, looking into everyones eyes that you pass, ready, open and excited to connect and talk with them about themselves and about your incredible self. 

You believe in yourself so strongly you are your most authentic self in every moment, no matter who you are with... your boyfriend, your boss, your bestie, your biology teacher - you carry yourself in the same energy, regard and truth always.

You know that you cannot make a wrong decision or take a wrong turn, rather you can only make the most aligned choices for yourself, knowing in your heart that you are on the right path and right on time.

You are living your true purpose and you wake up each day feeling inspired and excited about what your soul is calling.

If feeling this way sounds like your dream, I am here for you, because they were once my dreams too. And now they are my daily reality and experience - and they can be yours...

Know YOUrself

When women say to me, "I want to find my purpose".
What I hear them saying is, "I want to find myself". 

To know ourselves, is to know our purpose. Knowing ourselves intimately and deeply is what has us not asking ourselves this question.

Uniquely YOU will take you here, to know yourself inside out - your purpose, your potential and beyond - so you can trust yourself and confidently be your authentic self.

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Sister, is this YOU?

Do you avoid having conversations that require your authentic expression? Like telling someone your needs aren't being met or that you need more from them?

Do you look at other women and think, "wow, how is she so confident?" and at the same time wished you felt that level of confidence for yourself?

Does your mind override what you think may be your intuition, even when you try to tune in and listen to your heart?

Do you crave MORE in your relationships? More connection, more authentic conversation, more raw, real, radical vulnerability with your inner circle?

Do you struggle to uphold boundaries? Or... you flat out have a really hard time setting them in the first place?

Do you still feel the need to ask for others advice or opinions just to make sure you're making the 'right' decision?

Do you want deeper intimacy in your relationship? More depth, more chemistry, more openness and more uninhibited expressions of passion and love? 

Does your soul tell you there's more inside of you that you really want to live up to? Like you know you're not living your fullest potential?

If any of this speaks to you my sister, you can take an exhale and rest easy here. 

You are in the right place. The safest place.

I've got YOU.

Embody all of YOU...

Embody all of YOU...
  • You¬†stand tall with killer confidence¬†knowing who you are, knowing what you offer, knowing that you have got you, and knowing your standards and limits.¬†You trust yourself deeply and self doubt no longer exists.
  • You openly express your feelings without fear of confrontation or repercussions. You know and hold the energy to speak your truth, uphold your boundaries and release people pleasing, control or taking responsibility for others.
  • You feel deeply connected to yourself¬†so much so you know how you feel, what you need and how truly incredible you are. This ripples out into deep connections within your inner circle and intimate relationships.
  • You don't conform to society ideals or pressures,¬†you live in alignment with your truth and what's right for you, and you alone. You know that no one knows better for you than you.¬†
  • You ask for your needs to be met¬†by initiating the hard conversations that many avoid, you speak your truth, voice your needs and openly receive them when your request is delivered, because you know your worth.
  • You embrace your unique path without doubt of you being too late, too old, too under qualified, too anything - you know your timeline is right on time and that you get to co-create all that you desire.
  • You¬†trust yourself implicitly, because you hold¬†aligned and true beliefs and values that guide you. You back yourself with an embodied conviction that others notice and admire.

Be Authentically YOU

There is no one like YOU

Welcome to Uniquely YOU Academy, a place for women who are ready to step into their next level, embrace their true selves and live life authentically.

If you're tired of holding yourself back with those limiting self beliefs that keep hanging around, you're ready for unwavering self confidence, and living a truly purposeful life, then Uniquely YOU is for YOU. 

Inside the Academy you will overcome the obstacles which continue to hold you back so you can live as your truest self, without having to shape-shift to be someone that you're not (cos that just feels icky!)

You will discover, fall in love with and bring to the World your fullest authentic self, radiating confidence and shining your light with ease.

This is deeply personal for me (hi, it's Sally!) Why, you ask?
Because for me, holding myself back, suppressing my feelings, ignoring my intuition and distrusting myself cost me dearly in my life. No regrets - of course!

And, owning all of who I am and truly being myself has brought me the self love, self trust and self belief I always wished for - enabling me to create the life I always felt I was destined for.

I am beyond excited and here to support YOU to take the next steps in your empowerment and personal development journey. Together, we will walk hand-in-hand as I guide you to heal past hurts and give to yourself the deep love and connection that you yearn to experience giving you the confidence and conviction to claim all that is written in the stars for you.

YOU are beyond worthy of it all.

Uniquely YOU is for you:

Uniquely YOU is for you:
  • If you¬†are on the personal development path, you're ready for the next step and you want to¬†be your¬†most¬†authentic¬†self

  • If you are ready to trust yourself - fully and completely - to confidently back your every decision, without doubt

  • If you finally¬†want to¬†be rid of the pesky self doubt that continues to hold¬†you back from living your fullest potential

  • If you want to co-create meaningful relationships where you feel safe, seen, heard and valued - be in intimate, platonic or with family

  • If you¬†are ready to stop suppressing¬†your voice in fear of upsetting someone and fearing being abandoned
  • If you want to receive support¬†to meet and navigate life as it unfolds, to embody beliefs and ways of being that enable you to truly flourish¬†
  • If you are seeking true and deep sisterhood, over 12 months working together - you better believe that's what you'll experience and receive!
Uniquely YOU is for you:

Praise from Melissa Ambrosini

"Sally is a divine space holder and reflector. She is a game changer and someone you want in your life"

Join the Sisterhood

Uniquely YOU includes:

Uniquely YOU includes:

Uniquely YOU includes:
  • A BONUS 60-minute private 1:1 mentoring session with Sally (Valued at US$295)¬†
  • Immediate Access to all of Sally's Self Study Masterclasses and Programs (Valued at US$3750)
  • An engaged and supportive community of cheerleading sisters (available through our app)¬†to connect with 24/7
  • Sally's weekly support, love, mentoring and pep talks¬†for an entire year
  • Monthly Masterclasses and Embodiment practices lead by Sally
  • Monthly Group¬†Mentoring Calls with Sally
  • Inner Circle¬†Sister Circles to create connections and practice embodying all you learn¬†
  • Sally's Sister Sessions with Sally and one of her incredible sisters or personal supports
  • Monthly guided practices and rituals with Sally
  • 10% of your academy investment goes to Metta in Cambodia, a women lead sister circle program¬†initiated by Pisey (Sally's Soul Sister)¬†to support, guide and empower young women in Cambodia

Hi beautiful, I'm Sally

See me, and you'll see the real me - how I am with everyone - my friends, my clients and even the barista at my local coffee shop. And it's how I'll be with you too.

After 16 years of working with women, one truth stands out: we all want to be loved and accepted for who we truly are, embracing every aspect of ourselves. We want to feel safe to be who we are, without judgment or pre-tense.

That's why I am fully devoted, passionate and beyond excited to bring you the Uniquely YOU Academy. It's a place where you can truly meet yourself, find your inner confidence, and embrace the beyond incredible person you are meant to be.

I would be incredibly honoured to have you join the Academy where together, we can unlock your authenticity and help you live a life that's vibrant, bold, and Uniquely YOU.

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"Uniquely YOU Academy is for women seeking sisterly support and to have their mind and body expanded to step into their most authentic self."

Client Love


Sally is an incredible person. She is so open, kind and knowledgeable - it felt like chatting to a good friend (the one you always go to when you need advice). 

Sally has completely changed my relationship with my partner; we are now more open and honest with each other and kinder to each other during conflict.

I feel more confident in voicing my needs, both in my relationship and life more broadly, and she also helped me to work through some blockages I've had around grief. 

For anyone looking to upgrade their life, I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks so much Sally, you’re the best!


They say it only takes a few second for us to form an impression of someone. And that's exactly all it took for me of Sally when I was first introduced to her Insta profile.

To me, Sally came across as such a glowing beam of light, a woman who walks her talk and shows up in her life as her true authentic self! Sally's energy was exactly the type I knew I needed.

Through working with Sally, I am much more empowered woman, feeling in touch with how I think and feel, and confidence in tapping into my own truth and intuition.

It's been a great investment in myself that I know will help my journey moving forward.


Through Sally's teachings and embodiment practices, I was able to tap into a deep well of self-love and self-acceptance that had been buried beneath years of self-doubt and self-criticism.

Through working with Sally I began to feel more and more empowered to make the changes that I needed to make in my life. I found the courage to leave my long-term relationship, and although it was difficult, I knew that it was the right decision for me.

I also connected with a community of other women who were on a similar journey of self-discovery, and the support and encouragement that I received from them was invaluable.

The shifts that I experienced were truly life-changing. I feel more confident, more self-assured, and more connected to my own sense of purpose and passion than ever before.


Since working with Sally I no longer suppress my feelings, I feel all of them, I deal with them, I sit with them and I’m getting better and better at expressing them. This
feels so liberating.

I am reconnected to my body. I now listen to her and her needs. When she needs to rest, I rest without feeling guilty. I learned to love my body again and to take care of her.

I used to I always ask for peoples for advice before making a decision. Now I confidently listen to my intuition and and discern my intuition from my ego.

Sally is a beautiful person in and out. She walks her talk. She is really committed to empower
women. Her light, kindness, smile and laugh are contagious.

After each call with Sally, I always feel more connected to my true self and enlighten. Sally isn’t just a coach or a mentor, she is a supporter, she is a friend, she is SISTERHOOD.


I reached out to Sally when certain life situations began to feel so overwhelming I could no longer navigate them on my own.

During our connection call, she said things that resonated with me and I knew I had to invest in myself and I'm so glad I did!  I've only been working with Sally for two months and she has already helped me feel more calm and centered.

Sally has also helped me to see things from different perspectives while working through my own feelings and fears. I'm so grateful for her consistent guidance and support. Thank you for creating an incredible program for women to grow and expand.


Client love from Chantelle

"You feel so confident and empowered when you get off each call"

The community YOU dream of

Those of you who know me well know I LOVE diving deep into conversations that truly matter - the ones that challenge, stretch, and even confront us.

It's through these conversations, hearing others perspectives, both like minded and otherwise, that expand and grow us and invite us to discover our beliefs, our viewpoints - and ultimately get to know ourselves at our core (the best part!)

Often conversations that challenge the status quote are deemed ‚Äėtaboo‚Äô and are avoided in many friendship circles and families.

In Uniquely YOU, we go there!

So YOU can develop the confidence to navigate, hold and express yourself in all forums and to all people with clarity and confidence, allowing others to truly see you and hear you - and respect you.

Inside the Academy is where you get to showcase your true self and not the self you think the world, your mother, or your partner wants you to be.

People pleasing will be replaced with authentic expression.

Self doubt will be crushed with your fierce discernment.

Sister wounds will be healed with intimate, trusting sisterhood.


Inside the Academy


Monthly Masterclasses

90 minute Live teaching transmission from Sally into the months focus including embodiment practices


Monthly Coaching Q&A Call

90 minute Live and interactive support call with Sally to be coached and mentored. ALL questions will be answered on every call.


Sally's Sister's Session

90 minute connection, conversation and coaching from one of Sally's personal sisters or supports in her life. Learn first hand from experts in their field.


Intimate Sister Circles

60 minute sister circle support with an intimate group of women from the Academy (and Sally), for next level sisterhood, and relationship building.


YOUr Sisterhood

Your newest sisters, journeying alongside you, to grow with, laugh with and cry with and CELEBRATE with! Connected daily through an online portal with app access.


Embodiment Practices

Learn Sally's most potent practices, exercises and rituals (that she practices herself) to support you to implement and embody the monthly teaching.


Sally's Library of Programs

Access to the entire library of Sally's self study programs - YES, all of them!


Communication Facilitation

Learn to hold space for yourself and for others, be it in a circle space or in relationship.

"No subject is off limits. No topic is taboo. Uniquely YOU is your safe space to bring all of yourself, to become comfortable in the uncomfortable conversations and master the skills you need to embody complete confidence in yourself."

Support a Sister Initiative

At Uniquely YOU Academy, we value service, giving back and contributing to the empowerment of women worldwide.

This means YOU can be a part of a collecting making a real difference in the lives of others while also making a difference in your own.

Through our Support a Sister Initiative you will be providing women in Cambodia access to a Sister Support Circle to receive essential emotional and mental support.

When you join us inside Uniquely YOU Academy 10% of your investment goes straight to Metta Women's Collective Cambodia, a women lead sister circle run by Sally's sister, Pisey, to serve, support and empower Cambodian women.

Your investment in yourself will have a ripple effect, promoting mental, emotional and physical wellbeing for women like you, who would not have had the opportunity otherwise to heal and prosper in their lives.

"YOU Academy has it all, because I bring it all. All my teachings, lessons and experience from the last 16 years working face-to-face, heart-to-heart with women.
YOU will receive all you need to expand yourself to step into your full potential and truly love every little thing about yourself."

More Love


I reached out to Sally when certain life situations began to feel so overwhelming I could no longer navigate them on my own.

During our connection call, she said things that resonated with me and I knew I had to invest in myself and I'm so glad I did! I've only been working with Sally for two months and she has already helped me feel more calm and centered.

Sally has also helped me to see things from different perspectives while working through my own feelings and fears. I'm so grateful for her consistent guidance and support.

Thank you for creating an incredible program for women to grow and expand.


Prior to my work with Sally I was feeling overwhelmed with life decisions and a general lack of self-worth that I couldn't wrap my head around.

After all, I was doing everything under the sun to prove my worth to the world. Sally helped me to understand that my worth lies in being, and not doing. 

We also worked through how to recognise my truth when it comes to making large life decisions for myself, and I am now moving forward with new goals that are in total alignment with what gets me excited and passionate!

I am very grateful for our work together and her non-judgemental guidance.


My journey with Sally was nothing but beautiful in every way. It took me a while to listen to my intuition and take the leap, and I’ve never looked back, it was one of the best decisions, I’ve ever made. 

I was always inspired by Sally, her calm, kindness, love and joy flowing through her life every day, I can now honestly say I’m starting to live a similar life.

She allowed me to be my raw true self, she supported me like to other, uplifted me like I was the only person in her life and allowed me to feel safe and to grow in more ways than I ever thought imaginable.

I went into working with her believing I was safe, happy and content, I soon realised that wasn’t the case, Sally opened me up to a world I didn’t even know existed, I am beyond grateful.

She opened my eyes to the magic this universe has to offer, I’ve never been happier. 

I went from a lonely and lost soul, to a driven woman, with a purpose, waking up with passion every day, working for myself motivating others. 

Aally is a bright guiding soul, she‚Äôll bring light into anyone‚Äôs darkness ‚Äď I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be so supported by her!


I feel like I am a completely different person to who I was when we started working together.

Sally taught me that sometimes the most productive thing to do for yourself is to not be productive at all but just sit with your feelings and let whatever comes come and feel it all.

I have reconnected with myself and my intuition and I can trust my inner knowing so much more now.
Thank you for showing me that all the answers are within, and how to find them.


I love Sal's approach to spiritual and self development. Unlike many other approaches which had left me feeling pressured to take action and try multiple drastic things, Sally's wisdom and advice made me feel more at ease.

I particularly enjoyed exploring topics on a deeper level through sharing our own experiences and reflecting together. I now hold a more optimistic outlook on the journey ahead, I feel safe, warm, held and supported by Sally and her wisdom.

From the moment I entered Sally's program I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. The intimacy and the sisterhood created was like no other I've experience. I felt safe to dive into aspects of myself that I've overlooked.

I loved the entire experience, the ebbs and the flows of the content that Sally has so thoughtfully curated.


It's all here for YOU

It's time to heal the past while being lovingly supported by Sally and sisters.

It's time to live in alignment with your highest purpose and hearts truth.

It's time to choose your own beliefs, values, standards and decisions.

It's time to take the next step into the expansive life you know is for you.

It's time to release the shackles that continue to hold you back.

It's time to forgive yourself and truly back yourself.

It's time to unlock your potential and discover the authentic, confident woman within.

It's time to continue your empowerment journey to give yourself the love and life you deserve.


How long is Uniquely YOU?

Uniquely YOU Academy is a 12-month LIVE group experience with live monthly masterclasses, live mentoring calls, intimate Q&A's with Sally, embodiment practices, community and life-long sisterhood connections.

Why 12 months?

The Academy is a full year immersion and experience because it's not simply about learning knowledge, we must gain confidence and experience to practice leading ourselves with the wisdom Sally shares for you to embody a new way of being.

When does the Academy start?

Uniquely YOU Academy officially begins 20th September, 2023.

Early Bird ends August 31st, 2023.

Application Closes September 18th, 2023.

What is included in Uniquely YOU Academy?

You will receive [so much!]:

~Monthly masterclasses lead by Sally
~Monthly mentoring and Q&A calls with Sally
~Monthly Sally's sister sessions; teachings from Sally's personal circle and community of women
~Monthly sister circles; with your newest sisters
~Monthly guided embodiment practices and rituals
~Community of sisters and an online platform to connect with them (and Sally) 24/7
~Access to Sally's full library of programs and classes

+ 10% of your Academy investment going to Metta in Cambodia, a women's led support circle initiated by Pisey (Sally's Soul Sister) to support and empower young women in Cambodia

+ An Opening Connection Call with Sally and your newest sisters.

+ Bonus content and connection throughout the experience!

Optional Extra:
1:1 Mentoring Access of 
6 x 1:1 Private Mentoring Sessions with Sally

Does the Academy focus on specific topics?

Unlike Sally's other group programs, Uniquely YOU Academy operates like a mastermind - meaning all teachings and the experience are very much determined by the group collective and Sally.

The Academy will equip you with self trust, confidence and embodied life skills to master all areas of your life.

Do you offer payment plans for the Academy?

Absolutely! You have the option to make upfront payment or monthly payments.

What if I can't make the live calls?

All calls, classes, groups and practices will be recorded and saved to the online member Program Portal for you to access in your own time, so you'll never miss a beat!

There is an active community hub page accessible through an app so you can connect with the community and your sisters even if you can't join all live calls.

I've got you covered - no matter what, you will stay connected to Sally, the content and your sisters on a daily basis.


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